Just when I had escaped the evil cricket and gotten back on track….

I’m starting to wonder if recording a book called “Virulent” was tempting fate, haha. When my infant son started sniffling and then developed a nasty fever early last week, I started to worry. While snuggling him and comforting him, I was also chewing plenty of Zinc and Vitamin C, hoping with all my heart that I could avoid the same fate. But, alas, no luck. The telltale sore throat began on Saturday. Noooooo!!!!! Today, I sound both wispy and gargly at the same time, if that makes sense.

Hmm… maybe I can make that work…like that episode on Friends where Phoebe gets sick…

Phoebe’s Sexy Phlegm

Or not.

Since being without a voice is the worst thing for a voice actor, I’ve been researching ways to help it heal faster. A few colleagues have recommended a “voiceover brew” that supposedly works wonders, so this morning I resorted to trying it. You boil crushed garlic and ginger with a cup of water, then add lemon juice and honey. (Ewww, drinking garlic?) I know what you’re thinking, but it was actually pretty yummy and felt good on my sore throat. Kind of a lemony sweet taste, with a touch of tangy ginger. I’ll keep drinking it, though I’m sure my husband will avoid kissing me for a while!

I’m hoping my voice will be back to normal next week, so I can finish up with the recording and move on to finalizing the files. Wish me luck and send “healthy thoughts” my way!

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