-I love your portfolio and I want to hire you for my project. What do I do next?

Great, thanks! Be sure to go to my “Contact” page and send me an email telling me about you and your project. In order for me to give you an accurate quote, I’ll need as many details as possible! Be sure to answer the following questions in your quote:

1. What the project is / background info
2. Details (character descriptions, what needs to be included, etc)
3. The format needed (size, paper type)
4. Any kind of style preference? Examples?
6. Will this be full color, or black and white?
7. Start date and due date
8. What this will be used for (important!). Is it for a website, mailing, event, book?
9. When you think of your project/company, what is the feeling or mood that you want people to get?

Anything you can think of will only help me save us both time and revisions later. Don’t be shy; ramble on and on about your project if you wish!

Once I have time to collect and think about your project details, I will respond with a personalized quote.

-I think the quote is quite fair, and I’d like to proceed to the next step.

Excellent! I’m looking forward to working with you. Most likely the first thing I will do is send you my standard “Terms and Conditions” form, which basically outlines things like the deadlines and prices in writing. I’ll also send an invoice for 1/3 the total project fee as a deposit, to reserve that project in my schedule. Once I receive both those things, I’ll proceed with working on your wonderful project, being sure to update you along the way!

-OK,  I have signed the contract and am ready to get started. How should I pay you?

I accept mailed Checks, Money Order or payment through Paypal. I also send invoices that make it simple to pay with a Paypal button embedded directly in them. Whatever is easiest for you!

-In the past, I’ve had artists take my money and disappear. How can I be sure you won’t do that?

Oh dear, that makes me so sad…it gives such a bad name to those of us who work so hard in this industry! I’m sorry for that, and I think you’ll find that I’m quite different. I strive to make sure I communicate fully and clearly along the way, keeping you updated as I go along and providing screenshots of the work in progress. I run Laci Morgan Creations with absolute professionalism! Also, that’s why I require a contract and deposit…it legally protects both of us and ensures that I’m held responsible for doing the work I promised, and also that I’ll be paid accordingly when I do so. I guarantee you’ll be happy with the way I work.

-I received the mockup of the final work, and it’s perfect! Now what?

I’m so glad! Now I’ll send you an invoice for the remaining amount. Once I receive that payment, I will send you a link where you can get the full-resolution version in whatever formats you request. (Generally I’ll send smaller files or screenshots with my watermark in email form to update you, until the project is finished) I’m also willing to send the files on a CD, though there will be a shipping charge.

-Thank you, I loved working with you!

You’re absolutely welcome! My business runs on referrals, so don’t forget to refer me to your friends and coworkers, and be sure to contact me again if you ever have another project you need!