***Before I list my rates, I’d like to say that these are negotiable; just a broad estimate. Each project has different requirements, time frames, and amounts of detail, so it’s hard to give a set-in-stone price for my services. I often can find a way to work with any reasonable budget, so to get an accurate idea of what your project will cost, please go to the “contact” page and send me an email describing your project in detail. These rates are simply to give you an idea of what the current going rates are for good freelance artists, and to help you determine if your budget plan needs to be adjusted.

***Unless otherwise stated, all estimates below are per drawing or page.

Generally, my rates even out to about $40 an hour for my illustration skills. I do like to charge for the full project rather than hourly, though I’m fairly flexible and willing to work with you as far as payment goes.

Simple Line Art – Clean, Coloring-book style. Depending on the amount of detail, this would start at ($75+)

Concept Sketches – Simple greyscale drawings for use in presentations or product concepts (100+)

Character/Mascot Design – One full-color character design ($200+)  Additional poses ($50+)

Storyboards – Simple greyscale ($10 per panel), full-color with cleanup ($25 per panel)

Colored line art – Simple, cartoon-animation style. ($150) Great for children’s books.

Detailed illustration – This encompasses posters, realistic book illustrations, color presentation boards, anything that requires shading or detailed backgrounds. ($200+)


Please contact me to discuss your animation project. There are so many variables (do you need characters? Storyboards? Video editing? Sound?) that it’s hard to give a price here. Usually a simple animation starts around at least $2000.


Graphic design rates are tougher to nail down because there are so many different types of projects. I will do my best to give a few estimates of projects I have done in the past. My going rate for graphic design is $40 an hour, but I’d rather charge a flat fee on a by-project basis. Again, please remember that these are general guidelines…your project could be more or less depending on the details. There are many graphic services not listed below; please contact me in order to get a more accurate price quote.

Business Card Design – ($200+) depending on amont of detail, plus cost of printing

Logo Design – ($275+) depends on factors like deadline, company & distribution size, and detail. Logos with illustrative elements are more. Remember, your logo is what speaks to the consumer, so never scrimp on a good design.

Save-the-Date Magnets – ($75) plus cost of materials and printing

Wedding Invitations/Programs – ($100+) plus cost of materials and printing (Materials usually range from $300-$500, depending on your choice of paper types and envelopes)

Poster Design – ($125+) plus cost of printing. Varies based on detail and style.