-I’ve written a great script for an animated series and want you to design my characters for the pitch. I’m really tight on money and can’t afford to pay you yet, but once the series gets picked up it’ll make lots of money, and you’ll get royalties!

You’d be surprised at how often I hear this. Sorry, but I cannot work for free. My services require a lot of time and effort, and I expect to be paid just like any other type of service. I have to pay my rent! If you want to be taken seriously by directors and producers, you need to have a realistic budget.

-I have an incredibly low budget and can only afford to pay you $20 to illustrate my photo-realistic 50-page book.

I know the economy is tough right now, but I need to make a living, too. I think that my current rates are more than fair, and are lower than what most of the industry charges. Perhaps I can consult with you in ways to lower your costs, like limiting the details (maybe consider a cartoon style?) or doing less illustrations. If you still can’t afford it, I’d suggest posting an ad on craigslist or finding an art student who might be willing to do the work to add to their portfolio…but you may not be able to find the same quality of work.

-So what are your rates?

You can find a breakdown of some of my typical rates on the rates page. Be sure to read them carefully to determine an idea of the prices before contacting me. Keep in mind that they may change, depending on the specific project; the rates on that page are simply an estimation.

-I have this great project I want you to do! How much will it be? Call me at (123) 456-7899.

Um, I need a little more information first. I devote most of my time to the projects so please contact me by email first with some details about your project, so I can understand how to best consult with you and help maximize YOUR time as well.

-I need an illustration/photos/ads for my adult website.

Sorry, but I stick to family-friendly fare. I can do edgy styles, but for the most part, I like to keep my work PG-13.

-I live in New York, and you’re based in California. Can you still do my project?

YES! That’s the awesome part about working digitally. I’m always available through email, chat, and phone, so we will be able to work around eachother’s schedules.

-Can you design my website?

Unfortunately, web design is not one of the skills I possess (I’ve never been able to figure out the coding/programming side of things!) However, I do know some great web designers that I’d be happy to refer you to.