Wow. I just found out that I’m one of the finalists in ToonBoom and’s “Out of This World” animation contest. I’m so excited!!! I win a free copy of their Animate Pro software, which will come in handy for my future projects. Yippee! I worked really hard on this, so I’m quite happy.

Now I’m hoping to make it to the final round, because the winner gets a job on an animated series. How cool would that be? Please help me out by voting (you can vote once a day, every day for the next 12 days) for my animation, “Wait, there’s something behind me, isn’t there?” at this link:

Mine has my name on it, and a picture of William Shatner posing with Fuzzball from Captain EO (blast from the past!). So please rank me highly if you like it! Thanks!

***UPDATE: Well, I didn’t win this time, but had a lot of fun getting to animate Shatner! You can now see the finished video on my “Animation Portfolio” page. 🙂

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