Eye and Cheek Designs

So here’s the weirdest thing ever…I just joined the World Clown Association! Haha!

No, I’m not ditching art to go join the circus. Though there are lots of horses there, so it might be fun…..nah.

I’ve decided to start offering face painting as one of my local services! I’ve done it a few times at local events and fundraisers, and enjoy it a lot. So why not make it official? I had to join the WCA in order to get insurance, though, which covers me if anyone has a freak accident like tripping over my chair at a party I paint at, for example, or grows a third eye from the paint I use. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

So if you know anyone who would be interested in having a face painter at their event, check out my new Face Painting page here.

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