Since I haven’t posted in a while (been very busy being a new mommy to a very active 10 month old!), I thought I’d catch y’all up on what’s been happening here at Laci Morgan Creations. A big change is that I’ve added another service to offer… professional voiceovers! I’ve always loved acting and performing, and voiceover work is the perfect way to combine my drama skills and knowledge of animation, while bringing in some extra income.

In the past year or two, I’ve studied everything I could on voiceovers, to ensure that I had the best studio setup possible, and to learn how to edit and mix the audio so that it’s clear and professional-sounding. All that work has paid off so far… I’ve booked jobs for clients like Nintendo and Sephora, and voiced everything from video games to tv commercials. It’s a blast! I am so enjoying “playing the character” for each project. The hardest part is getting the house quiet enough, though…I pretty much have to record during baby’s nap time, turn off the HVAC, and lock the dog in the bathroom. It’s amazing how LOUD everyday household noises can be when heard through a sensitive microphone. I think our human ears learn to filter out all the extra background sounds, so it’s not until you really sit and focus that you’re aware of them.

The latest project I’ll be working on is my first audiobook narration. It’s a fun young adult thriller named “Virulent” that I think you’ll enjoy, and I’ll be documenting the process here on the blog with posts along the way. So follow along with me, and I’ll show you a peek into the world of voiceover!

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