It’s a new year again, which means it’s time for, yes, New Year’s Resolutions! I’ll admit that I usually skip the whole making resolutions thing, just because I always forget about them or break them the first week. *blushes*

But this year, it’ll be different. I figure if I make a resolution somewhat related to my interests and career, I’ll be more likely to stick with it. I’d really like to ramp up my blog and build my portfolio, so for 2011, my resolution is simply to draw more. Meaning non-work-related illustrations and more “just for fun, whatever’s on my mind” pieces. One way I hope to do this is by participating in the Illustration Friday competitions at Each week, they announce a specific theme, and artists can submit their interpretation. It allows for exposure and just plain practice, and I think it’ll stretch my creativity.

Another thing I want to do is create more interesting content for this blog. So I think I’ll combine the two things and do some posts giving you a peek into my creative process, from concept to finished illustration. I have a basic idea for my picture (this week’s Illustration Friday theme is “resolutions”), and now I’ll begin working on it.

The first thing I usually do is take reference images, or look for reference photos online. In this case, it’s a unique pose, so I thought it would be easier to just photograph myself so I can get the pose exactly how I want it. I love acting, and I’m a bit of a ham, so I totally don’t mind mugging for the camera. ;D

Can anyone guess what common “resolution” I might be portraying here?

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