So now that I’ve already got my idea in place and have a good reference picture to help me pose my character, the next step is simply to pick up a pencil and draw!

When sketching for things that I know will need to be scanned into the computer, I usually choose an 8.5″ by 11″ sheet of white cardstock or simple paper rather than drawing in my sketchbook, because then I won’t have to tear it out and won’t have an uneven scan due to the thickness of the ringed sketchpad. I also like to use cheap mechanical pencils with a thin lead for my drawings, because I tend to draw small, and it allows for fine detail. I have a whole drawer full of every kind of sketch pencil and markers, but I always find myself resorting to the cheapo mechanical ones that I find in a 6 pack at the 99 cent store! Go figure.

Here’s the simple sketch that resulted from my reference photo.

This sketch isn’t meant to be super-detailed, since I haven’t totally decided what my character is going to look like yet. I just keep it loose and messy, and try to get the basic shapes and proportions down. I’ll import it into Adobe Illustrator and trace over the top, and I’ll also be using the reference photo to help me get the anatomy and expression right.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of my “resolution” illustration journey!

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